Welcome to the online home of Aziz Light, We offer a comprehensive collection of photographic print or canvas images and a wide array of services including professional report and aerial photography.

Photography has been at the heart of my life for the past few years.

While being a self-taught, my love for this art doesn't allow me to use any photo editing software.

Passionate about nature (Landscapes, Flores, and Fauna), my goal is to recreate the reality of the actual scene as I experienced it and keep it authentic.


Most images were taken alongside a road, the Hawaiian coast, or the Corsica shoreline during my recent VFR flights. All pictures shown on this website can be order. Several formats might be available depending on the picture.

 Aziz Light was founded under two very important foundations which we still live by to this day: to offer our customers quality images for purchase on canvas or print and to give our customers a higher level of service and support.

Our Landscapes, Flores, and Fauna images show off my true passion for nature and my interest in aviation and creating the perfect aerial photograph has enabled me to reach for new horizons enhancing my photographical techniques along the way. Our customers are important to us and we strive to give them complete satisfaction with every order.

Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you and answer any questions you might have. We are at your disposal and we can handle any request you might have.